Spring is headed our way and so is unpredictable weather. One minute it can be snowing and the next you are in a torrential downpour. If your windshield wipers are on their last leg they will not be great at moving heavy precipitation out of your line of sight. Making sure your vehicle’s windshield wipers can keep up, will help you stay clearly on the road.

Windshield wiper blades take a beating during the winter months. Heavy snow, ice, freezing and thawing – windshield wipers can be torn to shreds by the time spring comes around. Even minor damage to blades can make it difficult to see when driving during rain and snow, or just from road spray.

Removing Snow and Ice?
One way to keep your windshield wipers in tip-top shape is a winter job. How many times have you gotten into your car and used your wipers to clear the snow off the windshield? Perhaps there were some patches of ice from when you arrived home last night during the snowfall and that snow melted when hitting your car, only to freeze later creating a kaleidoscope effect across your whole windshield in the morning. Using just your wipers to remove this is unsafe for those blades which are made of rubber, not to mention hard on the motor that moves them. You’ll find that they will rip, fray, or catch just right so that your entire blade is ripped from its harness. Always clear snow and ice from the windshield with a snowbrush/ice scraper before the first swipe of the wipers. Using your defroster while performing this task will almost certainly guarantee a smooth, obstruction free windshield. Now you will be able to see while heading down the road using your wiper blades to wipe away salty roadspray.

Another thing you can do to protect your wiper blades is to clean them regularly. Many of us focus on cleaning our windshields regularly but rarely do we think of the blades. It’s easy to clean windshields with wiper fluid, the squeegee at the gas station, or going to the car wash. However, giving the wipers a good cleaning will remove debris and dirt instead of streaking it across the windshield, and it will help maintain the integrity of the rubber. Wiper blades should be changed about every 6,000 miles or so regardless of their condition, but keeping them clean will ensure that they work properly until it is time for replacement. Use a non-abrasive glass cleaner or a windshield wiper cleaner along with a soft cloth/rag or cotton ball. Wipe down the old windshield while you are at it!

Well Look At That?
Checking your wiper blades regularly can alert you to any issues with blade integrity. If you notice damage or the wipers seem to not be working right, it is time for a change. Not good at remembering to do things like this? Use your regular oil change appointments as an opportunity to have a professional give them a once over. Conveniently, your local Chevy dealership, DeNooyer Chevrolet, can change them out for you if they are in poor shape. Following this rule will keep your wipers on regularly scheduled checks and give you one less thing to worry about. Always make sure to address any wiper concerns with a professional if you think it isn’t necessarily the blade that is having problems, sometimes the harnessing units need some TLC too.

We are all looking forward to more sunshine and warmer temperatures, in fact we have already experienced some pretty springy weather. Take the time to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the transitioning weather. Don’t get caught in torrential rains with bad wipers. Get them checked out, replaced if necessary, and make it to your destination safely.

Windshield wipers giving you blurry vision? It’s probably time for a change. Make your appointment at the DeNooyer Chevrolet Service Center to give your car a springtime once over. No matter what your car, truck, or SUV needs the DeNooyer Chevrolet Service Professionals will help get your car into springtime shape. To make your Chevy service appointment give us a call, schedule right on our website, or stop by and visit us at 127 Wolf Road in Albany, NY.