Grassroots Giveaway – December Recipient – Health Literacy For All, Inc.

We’re kicking off the holiday month by announcing the 2nd recipient of our Grassroots Giveaway! Each month, through August 2018, we will be awarding $4,500 to a local organization making a difference in the Capital Region. They will also be featured on our Facebook page allowing residents of the Capital Region to learn more about them and their work. We are excited to announce this month’s winner is Health Literacy for All, Inc.!

Karen Laing, founder of Health Literacy For All, provides free trainings on a variety of health related topics for seniors, low income individuals and groups as a service to educate the public to be better informed consumers for their health.

Through Health Literacy For All Classes, Laing teaches people how to find providers and communicate well with them, to understand their health insurance, to use preventative services, to research health concerns, to utilize medications safely and effectively, and to apply health information to their lifestyle.

Health Literacy is defined as the “degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.” (IOM).

Laing’s organization is helping to educate others, providing them with the knowledge and power to face health decisions confidently.

The world of health care can be hard to keep up with and become complicated to understand. Health Literacy for All, Inc. provides a much-needed service to keep everyone up to speed on changes and how it affects them. DeNooyer Chevrolet is so happy to celebrate this wonderful organization and their hard work. To find out more information about Health Literacy For All, Inc., learn more about their classes and services, and to make a donation toward their efforts, please visit them online at The organization is only able to provide classes because of the generosity of those making donations.

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