5 Signs You May Need a New Car Battery

The battery in your vehicle is like the heart of the circulatory system in the body. It pumps to many different components of the vehicle providing the energy they need to work properly. When your battery dies, your vehicle is useless and you can be caught off-guard at a less than ideal time or place.

By paying attention to the indications from your vehicle you can identify when it might be time to start shopping for a new battery. You can save yourself a headache by staying ahead of a failing battery. Here are 5 signs that indicate a vehicle battery’s life is nearing its end.

  1. Vehicle is slow to start – A vehicle relies on the battery for its initial start. If your engine is slow to turn on or it takes multiple attempts to get it running, it would be a good idea to have your battery tested and replaced if necessary.
  2. Warning light – In this day and age, most vehicles have a dashboard warning light for the battery. This light illuminates when a possible issue with the battery has occurred. The light can also indicate issues with the alternator or within the electrical system itself. It is best to make an appointment to find the exact cause of the battery warning light.
  3. Trouble holding charge – We’ve all accidentally left some electrical component on, usually lights, and drained the battery, requiring a jumpstart from another car. However, if your vehicle is requiring jump starts on a regular basis, and for no apparent reason, it’s probably time for a new battery.
  4. Past its prime – If your battery is ancient, it just may not be working properly anymore. A vehicle’s battery has an average life of 5 years. You should entertain a replacement battery BEFORE that 5-year mark occurs. This way you won’t be left stranded.
  5. Stinky odor – Strange as it may seem, a failing battery can give off a very unpleasant smell. When internal damage, like freezing, occurs in a battery, gases from chemical reactions can vent through the casing. The smell is often described as sulfuric in nature or the unpleasant aroma of rotten eggs. Given that sulfuric acid has the ability to corrode and eat away at other parts in the vehicle, it is essential to address a possible battery problem immediately if you smell something strange.Keeping these 5 signs in mind, you will be better equipped to identify and address potential battery problems. While getting a new battery can cost you time and money on the front-end, the expense on the backend of a battery problem could be a whole lot greater. Stay charged and stay safe!
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