If your dad was a car what kind of car would he be?

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we were thinking about how vehicles and people have similar characteristics. Can you see a vehicle and picture the driver behind the wheel? When you imagine your dad, what kind of car does he make you think of?

Is he an adventurous outdoorsman, preferring the woods and camping to concrete and hotels? Maybe he’s a get his hands dirty kind of guy. If so, he might be a Colorado or a Silverado. These trucks, like your dad, have bold strength, advanced safety features, and are up to a challenge.

Maybe your dad is an athlete who keeps his body in tip top shape, challenging himself with lifting heavy weights or running or biking further and faster. He might be a sporty Camaro or Corvette, with an aerodynamic body and competitive spirit ready to perform.

Some dads are environmentally aware, concerned with saving the planet for future generations. Those dads are definitely a Volt or Bolt, the newest in electronic vehicles with fast-charging batteries that can go the distance without putting toxic emissions into the air.

If the words reliable, steady, and family man apply to your dad, he might be a family-friendly Equinox or a Tahoe, vehicles that have all of the comforts of home. When you climb in, it’s like a hug from dad.

Your dad might enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate luxury and entertainment, but likes to save a buck or two when he can. In that case, he might be a Malibu, a mid-sized luxury car with a pleasing price tag and all of the amenities to keep you entertained and comfortable on the road.

If your dad is the cool dad that all of your friends love, always up on current events and pop culture, then he might be a Cruze, think Tom Cruise in Top Gun. The Cruze is a free-spirited car that offers great fuel economy, advanced safety features, and the latest technology.

Your dad may be a tech savvy dude in the know about the latest apps and gadgets. In that case, he could be pretty much any Chevy since they are all equipped with current technology and the latest safety features, keeping you connected and safe, just like dad. All of the tech, safety, and performance features are available in the new Traverse, which transforms to meet your needs. Sounds like a super hero right? It’s strong, comfortable, entertaining and versatile. Cannot leap buildings in a single bound, but darn close.

No matter what car model your dad resembles, Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there from DeNooyer Chevrolet!

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