Ten Spring Tips For Your Vehicle & Your Drive

It’s that time of year when you want to roll down the windows and enjoy the warm breeze. You have probably already taken off those snow tires and gone through the car wash a couple of times to get the road salt and dirt off your vehicle. If you haven’t…what are you waiting for?!

Here’s 10 tips as you hop into your vehicle to head out this Spring.

  1. Rolling down your car or truck windows is synonymous with cranking up the music to bass thumping levels when the weather warms up. We’ve all done it. But please be aware of the traffic around you and the potential for emergency vehicle sirens being drowned out by your music.
  2. Give your car’s interior a good cleaning to get the dirt and dust out so you aren’t breathing it in. While you’re at it – have your cabin filter checked. You might be surprised by what’s in there such as a chipmunk’s winter stash of snacks, dryer lint and just plain dirt and grime.
  3. Driving with your windows down means bugs/bees/hornets could fly into the car. (My sister-in-law exited the car quickly when this happened to her and did not stop the car first. true story) Don’t do what she did! Stay calm, keep your eyes on the road and pull over if you need to.
  4. Dust and pollen season is here and having your vehicle’s windows rolled down means a coating of both on your dash and seats. Your vehicle’s air filter will capture some of it, but allergy sufferers may want to keep the windows up. Even a quick wipe of the interior surfaces with a damp cloth will help.
  5. Your hair blowing in the breeze sounds lovely until it’s across your eyes obstructing your view. The breeze blowing through the car can also lift loose papers and send them flying around the car’s interior or out the window onto someone else’s windshield. Dealing with blowing hair and papers is a major distraction so pony tail it, headband, ball cap and put away loose papers.
  6. Spring can mean unpredictable weather. It might look beautiful one minute and not so much the next. If you are going inside, roll up the windows, because there’s nothing worse than driving home sitting in a wet seat.
  7. Parking lots can flood as well as roads when the Spring rains come. If there’s a low spot in the parking lot, avoid it if possible and if you see standing water and aren’t sure how deep it is, find another route!
  8. Beware water on the roads because hydroplaning is scary and can lead to an accident. We addressed hydroplaning in a previous blog. If you missed it – check it out!
  9. Make sure your wiper blades are working properly. Chances are if you have streaks and smudges across your windshield when you turn them on, they need to be replaced.
  10. Beware the potholes! You’ve seen them everywhere. Big tire munching, alignment wrecking craters in the road. If you hit one and jarred your teeth, you might want to have your alignment checked, since an improperly aligned vehicle can lead to uneven tire wear and other problems.
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