Common Things Moms Say In the Car

Put Your Seatbelt On! Or, Everyone buckled? Whether it’s a statement or a question, Mom is always thinking about the safety of her passengers. Thanks Mom!

Please don’t spill that chocolate milk in the car! Or our favorite…I could feed a small family on all of the goldfish and spilled snacks in here. This Mother’s Day, be considerate of the Mom, wife, or woman in your life by cleaning up her vehicle’s interior. Or even better, bring it in for detailing and return her car looking and smelling brand new!

Who Sat On My Sunglasses?!  If you know a woman who takes her sunglasses off and puts them in the passenger seat, you’ve probably heard this one. Maybe Mom needs a new pair of driving glasses this Mother’s Day to protect her eyes from the sun.

Do I have time to stop for coffee on the way?  Moms are busy so taking the time to stop for coffee doesn’t always happen. Try to leave a little early so you can stop, all you moms out there! You deserve it. And a gift card for a local coffee shop doesn’t hurt, right? Hint. Hint. If your car needs service, you can always get a complimentary cup of coffee in our waiting area.

What is that awful noise? Is that the radio making that noise? Do you guys hear that? Or some variation of these questions that could mean the vehicle needs to be looked at. Strange noises should not be coming from your vehicle – unless it’s you or your passengers singing or making the noises. Bring it in for service and our technicians will diagnose and fix the problem and have you on your way.

Don’t make me stop this car! This one is usually directed at fighting children in the backseat. The distraction of trying to referee fights while driving is unsafe for everyone, including those in the car and those driving around you. So kiddos, behave for your Mom please. If she’s turning around or looking in the rearview mirror to see what’s going on in the backseat, then her eyes are not on the road. And Moms, DO pull over if you need to. It’s safer and really works when the kids realize you are just going to sit there until they quiet down. Keep a book in the car and read a page or two while you wait.

Drive Safe and Happy Moms. Sing along to the radio and enjoy the ride knowing you are appreciated and your passengers, big and small, are listening.

Happy Mother’s Day from DeNooyer Chevrolet!

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