Grassroots Giveaway - April Recipient - HATAS

We are very excited to announce the April recipient of the DeNooyer Chevrolet Grassroots Giveaway. Working to end homelessness in the Capital Region for over 90 years, the Homeless and Traveler’s Aid Society, know as HATAS, offers programs and resources to those needing food, shelter and clothing in our local communities. Congratulations to HATAS on being awarded a donation of $4,500 and being named the Grassroots Giveaway recipient for the month of April!

HATAS was founded in 1927 with a mission “to provide immediate relief and long-term solution for the most vulnerable members of our community by preventing, combating and reducing homelessness within the Capital Region.” In 2015 alone HTAS assisted more than 12,500 people, providing necessities including food, clothing and emergency shelter. Additionally, the organization works with individuals to secure affordable housing and reliable employment.

HATAS offers many programs including Feed and Read – a weekend backpack program, a furniture bank, and a Code Blue shelter. Through their programs, and support from the community, HATAS works to help “neighbors in need,” and to strengthen bonds of local communities. HATS has been serving the Capital Region for 9 decades, providing essential services, and helping thousands and thousands of our community members. We encourage you to learn more about their work, programs, and how you can help by visiting the HATAS website. We also hope you will join us in celebrating HATAS, all April long, and congratulate them on being the Grassroots Giveaway recipient this month!

Visit the Homeless and Traveler’s Aid Society website:

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