Practically everyone knows that they need to change the oil in their car. However, not as many people know why changing their oil is so important, or even what the oil does at all. At DeNooyer Chevrolet, we're here to clear up any misconceptions that you may have.

Chevrolet makes a variety of different engines for their vehicles. While they may have different specifications, with different levels of power and efficiency, they're all made out of many different moving parts. If you rub your hands together, they'll produce friction, and they'll warm up. The parts in your engine work the same way; they'll produce fiction and heat as your engine runs. This would normally cause your engine to overheat and break down, but that's where the oil comes in. It keeps your engine parts lubricated, and carries away heat. You can even try it yourself; if you put oil on your hands and rub them together, they won't produce as much heat, although you should probably wash your hands afterwards.

While oil helps your engine run, it doesn't last forever. Your oil takes heat away from your engine parts, but eventually that heat starts to break the oil down. If neglected for too long, your oil becomes less and less effective, and can eventually clog your engine instead. It's important to change your oil before that happens. Oil changes depend on what you drive and how you drive it, but you should generally change your oil every six months, or every 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. When the time comes, schedule an appointment with our service center, and we'll take care of the rest.

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