Grassroots Giveaway - August Recipient - Community Miracles In Action

Since November, DeNooyer Chevrolet has been recognizing local organizations making a difference in the Capital Region, with our Grassroots Giveaway. Over the past 10 months we have celebrated a variety of organizations, awarding them with some free promotion and a donation of $4,500 to each. This is our final month and we are excited to announce our August recipient of the Grassroots Giveaway is Community Miracles in Action!

Community Miracles in Action (CMA) invests…
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Grassroots Giveaway - July Recipient - Double H Ranch

We are coming to the end of our Grassroots Giveaway, only July and August Left. Since November we have been celebrating local organizations making an impact in the Capital Region and beyond. This month’s recipient has served over 60,000 children, with serious illnesses, experience wonderful recreations and therapeutic outdoor activities in the Adirondack Park. We are proud to announce Double H Ranch as the July recipient of the DeNooyer Chevrolet Grassroots Giveaway! Started in 1993, with a 4th of July opening, the Double H Ranch was the second “Hole In the Wall” camp, which has grown into an…
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Grassroots Giveaway - June Recipient

We love supporting amazing organizations making a difference in the Capital Region. Since November, and through August, we have been celebrating local non-profits with our Grassroots Giveaway. We are excited to announce the June recipient and congratulate Umbrella of the Capital Region!Umbrella of the Capital Region is dedicated to “helping seniors and people with disabilities maintain their homes and independence.” Services provided by Umbrella include help with home maintenance, housekeeping, lawn care; transportation for…
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Grassroots Giveaway - May Recipient - Homeward Bound

In November we rolled out our Grassroots Giveaway. The program awards local organizations providing important resources for community issues in the Capital Region. Each organization receives a $4,500 donation, Facebook promotion, and a radio spot on FLY 92.3. DeNooyer Chevrolet is excited to announce Homeward Bound Dog Rescue as the May Grassroots Giveaway recipient.

Homeward Bound is dedicated to “helping great dogs find their way home.” The organization is completely run by volunteers…

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Grassroots Giveaway - April Recipient - HATAS

We are very excited to announce the April recipient of the DeNooyer Chevrolet Grassroots Giveaway. Working to end homelessness in the Capital Region for over 90 years, the Homeless and Traveler’s Aid Society, know as HATAS, offers programs and resources to those needing food, shelter and clothing in our local communities. Congratulations to HATAS on being awarded a donation of $4,500 and being named the Grassroots Giveaway recipient for the month of April…

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Grassroots Giveaway – March Recipient – Jake’s Help From Heaven

It’s the start of another month and it’s time to announce the next recipient of the DeNooyer Chevrolet Grassroots Giveaway. We are thrilled to celebrate a wonderful organization that provides support to individuals with medical challenges and disabilities in the Capital Region. The March recipient of the Grassroots Giveaway is Jake’s Help From Heaven!

Started by Brian and Heather Straughter after facing the loss off their son Jake. In January 2017, Jake…

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Grassroots Giveaway February – Things Of My Very Own

February has arrived and that means it’s time to announce our next recipient of the DeNooyer Chevrolet Grassroots Giveaway! This organization began as a promise by a young girl in the foster care system, who recognized the impact of the foster care system on children, and the seriousness of the situations that led them there. A promise that has been serving 11 counties of the Capital Region since incorporating in 2008; providing services and…

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DeNooyer Grassroots Giveaway – Recipient 3 – Kitten Angels

We are now in the 3rd month of the DeNooyer Chevrolet Grassroots Giveaway and we are very excited to announce our 3rd recipient. This organization works tirelessly to find new, loving home for cats and kittens. Supporting the Capital Region community by not only providing for homeless animals but also finding them new homes when they are ready. The Grassroots Giveaway recipient for the month of January is Kitten Angels!

Pets have become a staple…

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DeNooyer Chevrolet Collision Center and Travelers Insurance Partner Up for Recycled Rides Program

DeNooyer Chevrolet and Travelers Insurance have partnered up for the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides Program. This program brings together auto professionals including insurers, technicians, paint suppliers, parts vendors, and many others to collaborate, fully repairing totaled vehicles, for deserving individuals and organizations. DeNooyer Chevrolet and Travelers Insurance are thrilled to announce the recipient of their collaborative Recycled Rides Program efforts is Joseph Miller!

Mr. Miller is a retired United States Air Force Veteran, serving from 1985 until 1989. He lost his eyesight due to diabetes, which resulted in a loss of income and unfortunately homelessness. His vision…

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DeNooyer 12 Days of Xmas Giveaway – Announcement

The holidays are back and so is DeNooyer Chevrolet’s 12 Days of Xmas Giveaway on our Facebook page! Play for your chance to win 1 of 12 VISA gift cards valued at $100 each! Answer the trivia question correctly to be entered to win each day we play. Winners will be drawn and announced on the same day! Games will be played for 12 days, Monday through Friday, beginning December 7th.  We hope you…

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